About us

Brand Art

Brand art is the official curator for 'The Showcase', a two day display exhibit to promote & support the various forms of arts, craft & brands. 'The Showcase' will be part of The Luxury Symposium 2019, powered by The Luxury League.

The objective is to promote 'BRANDS THAT BRING GLORY TO INDIA' and strengthen the voice of India, globally. We believe that brands from a country help in the branding of a nation.

The endeavor at the event is to use luxury as a powerful agent of change and to mobilize the government to support luxury.

Our Objective :

  • To bring forth the many dying art forms and the cultural heritage of our country to the forefront.
  • To provide the right platform and knowledge for the growth of arts & culture through exposure, experience and networking.
  • To get the policymakers to engage with our very own business leaders and artisans, and take their story to the world.
  • To create an ecosystem that has the right kind of synergy and involves everyone from different stages for employment and empowerment opportunities.
  • To strengthen the voice of India globally through various forms of arts, crafts & brands.

  • The event will be attended by prominent global personalities, media, decision makers, creative thinkers, corporate heads, important members of the Indian bureaucracy and politicians.

    "India’s pride lies in its authenticity and its age-old customs and traditions. Losing them means losing our value and our stand in the Global competitive market.

    The master craftsmen and the various upcoming and established brands from India are keeping our tradition alive.